Rasheedah Sharif Motivational Speaker Author Artist

Rasheedah Sharif, MSAC is an educator, speaker, author and artist with over 30 years' of experience. She specializes in diverse teaching techniques using creativity and realistic strategies designed to empower. Rasheedah shares her multidimensional knowledge and promotes the importance of life-long learning.  

Rasheedah Sharif is the founder of Live In Color Meditation (LIC) and Keep It Moving  Anti-Violence Initiative for teen girls and women (KIM), the author of "Don't Come Down From the Chinaberry Tree", her memoirs and also an artist. 

LIC is a meditation class is based on the color spectrum. The class is a Holistic breathing practice which brings into balance, your mind, body and spirit.

KIM offers a variety of classes, workshops and/or lectures. Using segments of her book, "Don't Come Down From the Chinaberry Tree, participants become engaged in open discussions. During this time, they learn new techniques and strategies on how to problem solve, cope, communicate, deal with anger and make rational decisions.

Rasheedah's line of 7 colors represent the color spectrum. SWEA (Sun Water Earth Air) Trees are visual aids that help with focus and meditation and calms the spirit . Trees can be ordered on-line.