Rasheedah Sharif, master of science in addiction counseling (msac)

Rasheedah has over thirty years of professional experience as an educator and empowerment counselor. Her ability to relate, connect and discover how people communicate helps her to guide participants in creating a balanced mental, spiritual and physical self.

  • Live In Color Meditation class (LIC) and Keep It Moving (KIM) are going classes and presentations that offers realistic strategies and solutions to everyday occurrences that could typically turn into a lifetime of stress, anger or frustration.

  • The book "Don't Come Down From the Chinaberry Tree" are true stories written about Rasheedah's life. Stories provide inspiration and motivation to all readers in a language that is authentic and easily understood.

  • Rasheedah's line of Crystal Bonsai SWEA (sun water earth air) Trees originates from nature are a symbol of strength and longevity.